The BeA Skater system

1 base - 3 tools

The entry into serial production. The BeA Skater system is affordable and immediately optimises your manufacturing processes.

BeA Skater for timber frame construction, prefabricated houses, wood based panel processing and the packaging industry. A base for 3 tools: thick staples, type BeA 155 and 180 and for wired BDC coil nails.

Fix wood based panels, gypsum and gypsum fibre boards quickly and efficiently. Eurocode 5 compliant fastening thanks to adjustable staple spacing.

Rarely have you been so much more productive by using a new tool. Increase your efficiency and profitability with a new BeA Skater System.

If you would like a demonstration, please contact us. Once you have tried the system, you will not want to let it go!

The Skater - versatile and affordable

1 base for 3 tools

Skater with 14/65-830 C

  • for staple type

  • 14/16/155

  • in lengths of

  • 40 - 65 mm

Skater with 180-65-8305 C

  • for staple type

  • 180

  • in lengths of

  • 40 - 65 mm

Skater with 800 DC

  • for nail type

  • BDC

  • in lengths of

  • 60 - 80 mm

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