BeA screwdrivers for wood and drywall construction

Loose or magazine processing. BeA screwdrivers will help you maximise your efficiency

Screw connections are reliable and reversible. BeA supplies you with powerful screwdrivers for loose or magazine processing.

In drywall construction you will be extremely efficient thanks to our magazine screw systems. The BeA BeFix screws provide constructive connections in modern timber construction.

Experience the POWER OF FASTENING with screws from BeA.

BeA battery and pneumatic screwdrivers

BeA SC 55 2-Speed

    BeA SC 4000

      BeA US-LD 50P-05

        BeA US-LD 50P-08


          BeA screw range

          Timber construction screws for constructive connections. Drywall screws, loose or in magazines, can be found here.

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          Our customer advisers and area managers in your area. We are always there for you.

          You can find our screw range in our catalogue

          BeFix timber construction screws and in magazines or loose drywall screws.

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