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BeA supplies staples with European Technical Assessment and guarantees conformity according to Eurocode 5 for staples required in structural timber construction. The corresponding documents can be found in our download area as well as in our general catalogue under the respective staple type.

We can produce the following staples:

BeA staple points

Depending on the staple diameter, we divide into thin, medium and thick staple thicknesses. Furthermore, we describe our staples with common terminology, e.g. a wide-back staples (for fixing insulation panels, etc.), a structural staple (a Eurocode 5 compliant staple for structural timber construction) or an upholstery staple (a staple commonly used in the upholstery and furniture industry).

BeA staples are available in different material qualities with or without hardening (HZ):

  • NK = Steel, galvanised
  • NK Hard = Steel, galvanised, hard
  • NKS = Steel, galvanised, extra hard
  • VZ = Steel, strongly galvanised
  • LM = Aluminium
  • A2 = Stainless steel, comparable to material 1.4301
  • A4 = Stainless steel, comparable to material 1.4401
  • KU = Copper
  • MS = Brass
  • P = plastic

Please see our general catalogue for the full staple range.

Our experts will be pleased to assist you should you have questions about our staples and the corresponding tools.

Staples with thin staple thickness

Type 80

Card image cap

Type 380

Card image cap

Type 71

Card image cap

Type 95

Card image cap

Type 97

Card image cap

Type 98

Card image cap

Staples with medium staple thickness

Type 90

Card image cap

Type 92

Card image cap

Type 94

Card image cap

Staples with thick staple thickness (heavy staples)

Type 14

Card image cap

Type 16

Card image cap

Type 155

Card image cap

Type 180

Card image cap

Wide back staples

Type 42

Card image cap

Type 146

Card image cap

Type 246

Card image cap

Type 346

Card image cap

Other staples

Packfix and Clincher

Card image cap

Hog-Ring staples

Card image cap

EPAL staples

Card image capthe staples 33/13 EPAL can only be obtained directly from the European Pallet Association (EPAL).


Tools for BeA staples

Fine tuned tools for our staples can be found here.

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