Fasteners are more than just staples and nails

Our penny products hold values together

Fastening and connecting materials are often referred to as penny products. This does not detract from the importance of these products. How much value would a high quality leather sofa have, if the leather covering were not permanently taut? How much damage could building façade elements cause if they were not reliably fastened in place?

We are aware of this responsibility. The quality and durability of a fastening or connection depend primarily on the tool and the means of fastening being perfectly matched to each other. In professional use, the tool and fasteners must also work under adverse conditions and in continuous operation.

We know what we are talking about, as we are one of the few suppliers who develop, manufacture and distribute both tools and fasteners ourselves.

Our fasteners provide the right connection


From the filigree 71 to the 200 mm long 346. BeA staples connect and fix.


Pins, T and corrugated nails, coil, strip or D-head nails. Galvanised or in stainless steel. BeA nails make the difference.


Timber construction screws for constructive connections. Drywall screws, loose or magazines, can be found at BeA.

Other fastening materials

If a standard solution is not enough, we will find a suitable fastening solution. Guaranteed!

Experts for fastening technology

Our expert team is here for you. We have professionals from a wide variety of customer industries. We speak your language.

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Are you looking for a specific staple, spare part or special tool? You will surely find it here.

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Pneumatic tools or cordless technology BeA fastening systems always provide you with the right solution.

BeA Autotec

BeA Autotec The reference in automated fastening solutions.

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