BeA Fastening Systems - Covid-19 response 10th June 2020

The UK Government issued health and safety guidance for the management of Covid-19 at work, aimed at businesses restarting or ramping up their activities after a period of lockdown.

BeA FSL’s strategy for managing the risk of Covid-19 is based on integrating the Government guidance with our current standards for managing and complying with H&S law, Common law duty of care and good Industry practice.

The Key Action points below form the basis to prevent harm to our employees and others that may be affected by Covid-19 and business sustainability.

KEY Actions
Our Foundation for controlling risk of COVID is based on The Management of Health and Safety at Work Regulation (3) to undertake suitable and sufficient risk assessments and Regulation (4) to apply the Principles of Prevention, often referred to as (the hierarchy of risk control) in summary Eliminate, Reduce, Isolate, Control and PPE (ERICP).

Therefore response and action is based the ERICP approach, I suggest the change of behaviours required to manage Covid-19 will be adopted more effectively if this approach is continued and is fully explained, understood and adopted by our employee’s.

Key Actions (aligned with ERICP)

  1. Eliminate, until such time as there is an effective vaccine and the virus is completely defeated this is not a reasonably foreseeable option
  2. Reduce, where practicable employees and others that may be affected by our undertakings, we shall take measures to reduce their exposure to COVID 19 at work
  3. Isolate, where practicable we shall arrange our tasks, workplace and welfare facilities in a way to embody social distancing and high standards of hygiene.
  4. Control, In consultation with our employees and stakeholders we have provided detailed safe systems of work to contribute to the reduction of COVID 19 risks, we will cascade these controls via safety briefings and notices
  5. Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) , we recognise that PPE has limitations, is limited to protecting individuals only and is highly reliant on compliance, and support the NHS by not procuring PPE ring fenced for their use will so far as is reasonably practicable provide sufficient PPE and the provision of instructions for its correct use.

We will review on a monthly basis, our Covid-19 Risk controls in line with Government guidance on risk level and actions required, lessons learnt over time and Industry good practice

Covid-19 Health and Safety Policy Statement

Mr John Mercer accepts overall responsibility for the health, safety and welfare of the Company’s employees and others that may be affected by our undertakings.

This Covid-19 Policy outlines our objectives to contribute to reducing the risk from and ultimately defeating this Global killer virus. To that end we will continually monitor and act upon, World Health Organisation, UK Government, and Industry guidance. Our objectives so far as is reasonably practicable are.

  • Undertake suitable and sufficient Covid-19 specific risk assessments and review them when no longer valid
  • Take specific precautions for employees in the High and Medium COVID Risk Categories in line with NHS guidance
  • Reorganise our workplace and workstations to facilitate social distancing
  • Consult with our Employees and Stakeholders to provide and implement detailed Covid-19 Safety Arrangements
  • Provide additional Welfare resources to facilitate high standards of personal, workstations, and workplace hygiene
  • The provision of adequate information and instruction
  • Monitor these objectives and review them in the light of lessons learnt

To assist me to deliver these objectives, I have delegated responsibilities to others in the organisation these are detailed in our Health and Safety Manual.

As Managing Director, I require the full co-operation of my employees and others associated with our undertakings to achieve and further develop these objectives.

John Mercer
Managing Director
Dated 10th June 2020