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BeA tools are at home in a wide variety of industries. At construction sites, carpenters and roofers swear by robust tools, especially if they can move freely without compressed air hoses. The BeA Skater System offers carpenters access into serial production.

High quality upholstered furniture and beds made in Europe are in great demand. BeA is the number one supplier for the upholstered furniture industry. Our range of tools in this segment is unique and includes a variety of specialised equipment and fasteners to provide our customers with the right solution for any application they require.

Pallets, sea freight crates, special packaging for the most sensitive medical technology. Whatever the requirement, BeA tools and fasteners are used.

Robust, accurate, reliable and excellent customer service. We know our customers - we deliver the POWER OF FASTENING.

Quality and performance: Experience the POWER OF FASTENING in action

BeA nailers and screwdrivers in factory prefabrication.

In the production of a prefabricated house manufacturer, the BeA range shows what it has to offer. From the broad back stapler, the practical corrugated nailer and the strip nailer with 160 nails - that is the power of fastening.

BeA staplers in the upholstered furniture industry

Speed and precision are in demand in the production of upholstered furniture. Every movement of the hand counts, every staple fits. The professionals in furniture and frame construction work with BeA staplers. Adjustable automatic tools ensure short production times. Essential in today's furniture manufacturing.

BeA nailers for wooden packaging, crates and pallets, transport and export packaging

Crates, pallets, wooden packaging for export and container storage. Our BeA tools are not pampered here and must work smoothly in continuous operation. BeA customers rely on them.

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